Custom Made Pergola Kits for DIY Enthusiasts

Custom Made Pergola Kits for DIY Enthusiasts
06/10/2015 Admin

Pergolas are an interesting and functional outdoor feature that can be added to your garden or yard. They help create shade and allow you to use these spaces in a more functional manner. They can be constructed above decks or patios too. When you want to get these installed on your property, you want to be sure that the materials they are made from will be durable and that the structure will be aesthetically-appealing.

High Grade Products

Many homeowners also prefer to install these features themselves and like to turn it into a weekend project. It’s also a great way of saving some money on installation costs. The one way to get high grade solutions is to opt for Half Price Patios’ Pergola Kits. We understand that every home is styled differently and that every homeowner also has different personal preferences in terms of the features and elements they have in their home.  We have a range of DIY Pergola Kits for you to choose from, including:

  • Flat Gable Flat Pergola
  • Flat Gable Pergola
  • Gable Pergola
  • Flat Pergola

Types of Sheets

If you find that none of these designs match your requirements, we can design custom made ones as per your specific needs. We construct Pergola Kits using 2 different Sheet Profiles- Sunset and Monoclad.

  • Monoclad Sheets- These are very lightweight, strong, weather-resistant and aesthetically appealing. This is a very commonly-used material for pergolas and inexpensive when compared to Sunset Sheets. They are available in all the different Colorbond Colours.
  • Sunset Sheets– In comparison, the Sunset Sheets are a little more expensive and they have special features such as a very unique interlocking-rib design. This makes installation simple and the panels are also secured together in a much better way- this provides a weather-resistant and strong seal. If you want more light under the pergola, you can opt for translucent panels- these allow natural light to filter into this space. These are typically used in the custom made DIY Pergola Kits that you can order from us.

Range of Colours

You can create the exact look you want as we have a range of colours you can choose from such as Grey, Cream, Red, Green, Evening Haze, Woodland Grey, Jasper, Cottage Green, Monument Grey, Deep Ocean Blue, Manor Red, and Sandbank etc. In short, you will never be short of styles and colours to choose from and this is what makes your Pergola look unique.

When you order your DIY Pergola Kits from us, you also have the option to come and collect them from our factory yourself, and this reduces the cost of the installation even further. Our experts can provide guidance about how the pergola has to be installed and this helps you install it in the right manner. For more information about any of our products such as decks, aluminium gates and slats, handrails, awnings and DIY Pergola Kits, contact Half Price Patios via this enquiry form  or call us at (02) 9729 4411.