Why Slat Gates are Good Option for Your Property

Why Slat Gates are Good Option for Your Property
13/07/2016 Admin

When anyone buys a new property, or even builds one, one of the first things they want to ensure is that it has the right amount of security. With this in view, fencing and gates are very important features and its important that you choose them carefully. Many people like to have boundary walls and gates to their property; but they don’t always want a solid wall or gates that obstruct the view. This is where slat gates come into the picture.

We at Half Price Patios are expert manufacturers of these types of gates. They are made of high grade aluminium; provide the ideal amount of privacy and security, without altogether shutting out the view.  Not only do they look elegant and classy, but are an excellent way to demarcate the boundaries of your property. Many of our customers opt for this fencing and gates for other spaces of their home like swimming pool or alfresco areas etc. They create a privacy screen of sorts and in case you have kids or pets, these gates become the prefect way to add the safety factor.

In addition to the fact that we use high grade aluminium in the manufacture of these features, the slat gates are also welded using the latest machines, treated & then powder-coated to the colour of your choice; so you get a customised feature  that will complement the appearance of your home and the surrounding outdoor spaces. We focus on providing our clients with customised services as this helps lend a very unique and attractive look to their property.

Why opt for slat gates in Sydney?

The panels that are used in the manufacture of our slat gates in Sydney, can be ordered in spacing of 10mm, 16mm or 30mm as well. They will be fabricated to match your privacy & design requirements. Take a look at why our slat gates are an excellent option for any type of property:

  • Variety of finishes that you can choose from
  • Extremely strong construction
  • The powder-coating protects the base material and keeps the gates looking good for a number of years
  • You don’t have to deal with any cracking and warping or splintering
  • They are a very low maintenance solution
  • No worrying about termite damage
  • They are extremely cost-effective
  • You have the option to choose from standard designs or can commission custom-made design
  • If you are ordering the slat gate installation along with  fencing we will ensure that the design and styling is coordinated

We are the experts that use all-Australian materials in the manufacture of all our products. Regardless of how small or big your requirement is, we will provide you the kind of solutions you need, at pricing so reasonable, you are bound to be pleasantly surprised. For high quality, stylish and durable slat gates in Sydney, call Half Price Patios at this number- (02) 9729 4411. To know what our customers are saying, check this link. You can also send us any queries you have, via this enquiry form..