Choosing the right timber deck

“How much will my timber deck cost me?” you might say.

And the answer is easy;

It is really up to you

You see, there are many factors when building a timber deck. For example:

  • What size is the timber deck
  • Does the deck require council approval?
  • Which decking material (timber or composite)?
  • How elevated is the deck?
  • Does the deck require a handrail?
  • Does my timber deck require stairs?

You still want a price right?


So you can expect a timber deck to cost approximately $200-$500 per square meter, depending on the timber deck species and if the framing material is treated pine or steel.

Keep in mind, that if a handrail is required you will need to allow for that.

But the best way to know the price for sure is to get a free quote.

So what is the process to building timber decking?

  1. Pick the right deck design and engage the home improvement company (like us)
  2. Get timber decking council approval (can be arranged by the home improvement company)
  3. Start building your deck
  4. Enjoy your new timber deck

Decking is expensive. Is there another alternative?

Timber decks aren’t always cheap although they are an architectural product and are a natural, environmentally friendly product.

Building a timber deck isn’t right for everybody so other decking alternatives are patio slabs which can be tiled, coloured or stencil finished.

Whatever your dilemma, we can solve it!

If you want to build a deck, pergola, carport, al fresco or awning but are stuck in limbo because of all the options out there, don’t worry because Half Price Patios is here to help.

Make sure to get a free quote.

Good luck…