Pergola quotes & pergola ideas

Let’s be honest, when it comes to pergolas and awnings you need to get the best design and;

at the right PRICE!

So how can you get your pergola price where you want it while maintaining the right pergola design?


Use a specialised company.

When it comes to awnings and outdoor living it is best to get the right advice.

“good luck is the result of good planning” 

They say “good luck is the result of good planning” and I couldn’t agree more.

Having a few good pergola designs in mind is a good start but that is just the beginning, the ideas have to be thought through for certainty the final pergola design is practical.

So what are the steps to your new awning?

Step 1 – Allocate your budget

Budgeting the project before starting is always a good idea.

This way you can keep you can keep your project under control.

Otherwise the whole project may blow out of proportion and the idea may fade away completely.

Step 2 – Purpose

Knowing the purpose of your pergola or awning will keep your design ideas logical and feasible.

Are you going for an awning to block out the sun over a window? or are you going for an over the top outdoor entertainment area?

Whatever the purpose to building your new pergola it is critical that you define this prior to starting to keep you on track.

Step 3 – Brainstorming awning design ideas

It’s time to surf the net and get a few good awning ideas.

Shortlist a few ideas you like and put them to your pergola company.

Half Price Patios and all good patio companies will help you in doing this, putting in the time to make sure you get the pergola that is right for you.

Step 4 – Engaging a patio company

It is now time to engage your pergola company.

Good companies (like us) offer free pergola quotes.

Your home improvement specialist can prepare the council drawings (if required) and go through the steps in pergola approval.

The other option is going with a DIY pergola kit (pricing) and installing it yourself.

Step 5 – Build your outdoor area & enjoy

Once the pergola is council approved it is time to let the home improvement company build your pergola, ready for you to enjoy.

So what about pergola prices?

Depending on the following factors your pergola can range in price:

  • Pergola size
  • Pergola design
  • Council approval
  • Pergola kit or pergola installation
  • Patio roofing product selections
  • Colorbond pergola material selections

Although these factors have a great impact, you can expect your awning price to range to start from about $1,500.  It is really in your hands although getting the right advice from the right awning company will help you in keep the pergola cost low while maximising the pergola design outcome.

Good luck…