Enjoy your outdoor space this summer, with insulated panel roofing. “The Smarter Choice”

Enjoy your outdoor space this summer, with insulated panel roofing. “The Smarter Choice”
27/09/2016 Admin

I know you’ll agree with us when we tell you that insulated panel roofing is fast becoming a popular choice for households wanting the ability to enjoy their outdoor entertaining area in comfort all year round.

Here’s the best part, your roof is the most cost effective area to add insulation and with proper roof insulation, you can save up to 45% of heating and cooling energy off your power bill each year!

Why does this matter? The roof is where most of the heat and cold is lost and gained. This is why you should consider your roof as the topmost priority, when thinking about insulating your pergola and carport area. Insulated roofing reduces heat from above on hot days, to make outdoor living more comfortable, as often experienced in the Australian climate.

So here’s the facts, at Half Price Patios, we use Stratco Cooldek and Versiclad insulated panels. We feel that these two brands are of the highest quality and standards, we expect nothing less for our customers.

Stratco Cooldek –

Choose from either the Cooldek Classic or the Cooldek CGI roof profiles. There are three insulation thicknesses to choose from; 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. The topside colour choices include a wide range of popular colours to help integrate your Cooldek Roofing into existing colour schemes. The underside is available in White or a choice of high gloss colours.


Insulation rating (R value):

  • 50mm thick panels – up to R1.48
  • 75mm thick panels – up to R2.11
  • 100mm thick panels – up to R2.75


  • Assists in cooling your home therefore reducing energy costs
  • Reduces noise of heavy rain
  • Impressive span of 8.2 meters reducing the number of beams and frame work required
  • Inbuilt rebates to conceal wiring for lighting and fans

Design Options:

  • Multiple ceiling profiles available
    • 3 insulated panel thicknesses available to suit the climate and span design requirements
    • Insulated rating options (R Values)
    • Range of colours to suit every home


Spacemaker – requiring a miniscule 1 degree pitch, Versiclad’s Spacemaker Structural Insulated Roof Panels are truly versatile. With a 1 metre cover width, installation time is minimal. Similar to the Versalink profile in look, just with slightly higher and a longer gap between profiles, it is our most economical roof, that also achieves a great thermal performance of up to RT 4.1, and incredible spans.


Corrolink-S  – is a 1000mm wide panel.

Now with a minimum pitch of only 3°, an extremely modern look is achieved with Versiclad’s Corrolink-S Structural Insulated Roof Panels. Corrolink-S boasts a corrugated top skin available in a wide range of colours, with a flat ceiling face available in 3 different finishes.

Available in 6 thicknesses, with our thickest roof panel at 180mm, it can achieve up to RT 5, a huge insulation level for your home and longer trafficable free spans than ever before.


Double Corrolink-S is a 1000mm wide panel.
For an architectural look that has incredible trafficable free spans of up to 9 metres, choose Versiclad’s Double Corrolink-S Structural Insulated Roof Panels. Double Corrolink-S has a corrugated profile to both the roof and ceiling sides and is available in a choice of 11 different colours and 4 thicknesses to achieve the look, span and insulation levels to meet your needs. Now available with a 1000mm cover width & a low 3 degree roof pitch, Double Corrolink-S is more superior than ever before.


Multidek – for a unique look that has incredible trafficable free spans, and an inherent flexing ability, choose Versiclad’s Multidek Structural Insulated Roof Panels. Typically used for awnings, verandahs and to create a unique look, Multidek’s profile makes it ideal to create a statement in both appearance and its structural benefits.


Versilink -has a traditional trapezoidal profile, perfect for matching existing roof products, or creating an architectural look for your home or commercial application. With an incredibly low minimum pitch of 2 degrees, Versalink Structural Insulated Roof Panels have a trafficable unsupported span of over 8 metres


If you’d like to know more about insulated roofing for your outdoor area, please call (02) 9729 4411 and book a free consultation with one of our experts.