The top 6 practical and attractive patio cover styles

The top 6 practical and attractive patio cover styles
11/03/2015 Admin
  1. Shade sails/shade cloth structures

Shade sails have to be the most impractical style patio covers. They are almost useless shading your patio area from the sun because of the odd shape they usually adopt which rarely agrees with the house and are completely useless blocking any rain whatsoever. The other huge disadvantage of a sail shade is that the sail itself only offers a few years life before turning  frail and tearing to bits.

  1. Timber pergolas

Timber pergolas are definitely an old time classic and do suit a wide range of home styles. Timber pergolas are made up of treated pine rafters, roof battens and either colorbond roof sheeting, polycarbonate, scaffold mesh or nothing at all. So if timber pergolas are so versatile and such a classic, why is it one of the last on my list?

Timber pergolas being timber unfortunately require loads of maintenance. Timber isn’t the best when exposed to rain and strong sunlight unless it is regularly painted. If you have the time and/or the money to keep up with the maintenance then I say go for it.

The other not so big of a disadvantage with a timber pergola is that they are heavy structures and will need serious support to hold the weight when attached to a house. If you are using a licensed builder they will take care of that, so you won’t need to worry.

  1. Colorbond flat pergolas

Colorbond pergolas in general are very practical and require minimal maintenance. They have a cheaper initial cost than a timber pergola while gives them plenty of appeal. Colorbond roof sheets come in plenty of profiles to suit your liking and house design. The flat option is very cost affective, does the job and most of all, looks amazing.

Colorbond flat pergolas are also readily available for DIY as they are easy to install and with the right guidance can be secured sufficiently to a house or freestanding. They are ultra light structures too, so you won’t need to worry about stressing your house too.

  1. Curved colorbond pergolas

Curved Colorbond pergolas are great looking when installed in the correct space. A lot of people are set on a curved pergola although can end up making a big mistake if their patio area doesn’t suit. Curved Colorbond pergolas are a tad dearer than gable pergolas although they are worth every dollar.

I would not recommend for a DIY project unless you are pretty handy. Curved Colorbond pergolas can be broken up with a few opaque or translucent roof sheets to add a bit of sunlight and character.

The curved ends can be filled in or left open but that all depends on the patio space and personal preference.

  1. Gable Colorbond pergolas

Gable colorbond pergolas are an excellent option. They offer extra natural light because of their high peaks. They also blend great in with the majority of houses.

Gable pergolas can also be mixed in with flats on the sides (Flat-Gable-Flat).

You have the option of mixing polycarbonate or fiberglass sheets, adding a twin-wall infill, or lining with ceilink panels.

Gable pergolas look great with a fan hanging from the ridge and even track lighting attached to the structural beams and/or posts. Gable pergolas can be fixed on top of your roof, to your fascia or even freestanding.

Gable Colorbond pergolas can offer a classic or modern look, simply by choosing the right roof profile for your space. Gable Colorbond pergolas can also be installed DIY with the right guidance.

  1. Insulated patio cover

Insulated roof sheeting is an amazing roofing product, it offers unbeatable and unbelievable spans. Insulated roofing panels can be installed to a gable or flat pergola. They offer great insulation R-value and come in a wide range of sheet thicknesses.

Insulated roof sheets look like an ordinary colorbond roof on top while having a flat look on the underside, similar to what you would achieve from a gyprock ceiling. The insulated roof panels come in a wide variety of roof sheet profiles (corrugated, Trimdek and more) and all types of finishes on the underside.

Insulated roof sheets accommodate LED downlights of that is your style and are very desirable when a ceiling fan is installed. Insulated pergolas are becoming very popular as they offer an unbelievably modern look for a much more affordable price than a typical alfresco roof.