Why Choose Awnings in Sydney?

Why Choose Awnings in Sydney?
02/11/2015 Admin

The outdoor spaces add to the allure of a residential property and a number of homeowners are now opting to get decks, patios and pergolas installed in their backyard or gardens. These spaces extend the living areas of a home and add to the functionality of the outdoor areas. While some people opt for semi-enclosed patios and decks, others prefer open-to-the-air installations. However, this restricts their use and these spaces can’t be used when it’s too sunny or when it’s raining.

The one way to ensure that these areas get used to the fullest, is to add awnings in Sydney to the exterior walls of your house. You can choose to add awnings to the outside of large windows that lead out onto a balcony, patio or deck. As a matter of fact, they can also be added to any large windows and doors of your home. These awnings are shade installations which help shade the indoor areas of your property. This helps protect the furniture, carpets and wall paints from fading.

The Benefits

Take a look at the benefits of using awnings in Sydney:

  • Functionality- As mentioned earlier, when you add awnings to your property, it enhances the functionality of the outdoor spaces on your property.
  • Versatility- These are available in a range of sizes, designs and colours. This provides you design flexibility and help complement the look of the other features on your property.
  • Strength and Durability- We install Colorbond awnings in Sydney– these have multiple, cross- rib sections which offer a great deal of strength and support.
  • Styling- The awnings we design for you are engineered to perfection & they have a very elegant look. This enhances the look of your property
  • Energy Efficiency- Adding awnings in Sydney helps shade the indoor areas and make the indoor air more comfortable. This reduces the load on your HVAC systems, and helps in reducing your energy bills


We can also motorise these installations for you- this adds the convenience factor and you can choose between a switch operation and remote one. Some of our customers also get sensors installed. These sense the climate changes and the awnings will either be opened or retracted depending on the sun or wind conditions.

Since we use Colorbond materials and high grade awning material, the entire installation becomes very durable and strong. Regardless of how big or small the job, we focus on providing you value for money. While you are always assured of the best services, we maintain very low pricing. We work closely with you, to understand what your ideas are, and then provide solutions that are in-line with your requirements.

For more information about our awnings in Sydney and other outdoor products such as decks, gates, slats, car ports etc, call Half Price Patios at – (02) 9729 4411 or use this  enquiry form  to send us your queries.  You are assured of high quality products at all times.