Pergolas in Sydney from Half Price Patios

Pergolas in Sydney from Half Price Patios
17/01/2016 Admin

It’s great to have outdoor spaces on your property. They become the perfect place to relax and enjoy some leisurely moments with your family & friends. But you would be able to use your garden and yard in a functional manner only if you have the right outdoor features installed on your property. While many people have patios and decks, today an increasing number of people are opting for pergolas in Sydney.

Things we keep in view

We at Half Price Patios are one of the leading companies in the industry and have designed & installed the best pergolas for customers in and around Sydney. When we design this structure for you, we take certain aspects into consideration, such as:

  • The available space
  • Design concepts
  • Your personal likes and dislikes
  • The design and structuring of your home
  • The design and elements in the landscaping
  • The amount of shade you need
  • Spot where you need the pergola installed
  • Decision about whether you will be getting an outdoor kitchen installed in the space under it
  • Your budget
  • Other considerations

Custom solutions

Pergolas are a very charming addition to any home and they complement the look of formal and informal homes. Our pergolas in Sydney are made of Colorbond steel which is a highly weather-resistant, strong and durable material. It’s available in a range of colours and designs and we can provide you custom design options. This lends a distinctive and unique look to your property. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you may want to opt for our DIY pergola kits. These can also be customised to your needs and will fit beautifully into a modest budget.

We are the experts that never compromise on quality and we ensure that you get the kind of solutions that work perfectly for you. Our experts work closely with you to understand what your specific requirements are and we will then provide Pergolas in Sydney that are in line with those needs. You can call Half Price Patios at this number- (02) 9729 4411.