How a Pergola in Sydney is Value for money

How a Pergola in Sydney is Value for money
06/08/2015 Admin

Pergolas have a charm of their own and immediately improve the look of any outdoor space or garden area. At Half Price Patios when installing a Pergola in Sydney, we offer you a variety of materials to choose from, like metal, Aluminium/ timber for flat and gabled pergolas. We have plenty of designs too from which you could pick.

Benefits of a Metal Pergola

Because of the unpredictable weather of Australia, getting a colorbond pergola installed on your premises would be wise. A metal Pergola in Sydney could have more benefits than you would imagine. These are available in a range of styles and they will be:

  • Custom or standard designed
  • Warp, crack and peel resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Powder coated – which makes them rust-resistant
  • Strong and durable

Highest Quality

We understand that everyone has their own sense of style, unique to themselves and that is why we will have a custom-made Pergola in Sydney for you. Our Colorbond pergolas lend a different look altogether to your premises. The benefits of installing one include:

  • Ideal entertainment space
  • Natural shade cover
  • Adds to the aesthetics of your home
  • Adds value to your home

DIY Pergolas

For reliable and guaranteed workmanship in installing a Pergola in Sydney, you can be rest assured you are dealing with the experts in outdoor features like patios, awnings, carports and pergolas. We also have a selection of Do It Yourself (DIT) Kits, which you could have the pleasure of assembling yourself. If our Kits don’t match your specifications, we will be happy to have one custom made to your requirements.

Extended Living Area

A pergola installed in your garden or outdoor yard, will create a focal point in your garden. You could use this structure to provide a natural shade cover, or a relaxing al-fresco area, even a BBQ spot. The ideas are unlimited. Unfortunately, the open spaces in your premises may not suit or fit the specified area for installing a Pergola in Sydney. This is where our team of experts will come to your aid and design something that would complement your home and blend in with the surroundings.

The surrounding areas

Before choosing a Pergola in Sydney, our team of experts will guide you with options and ideas based on your outdoor area and will work around the budget you give us. We will have construction drawings perfected and work will not start until you approve of everything. Our representatives, will determine the concepts according to your requirements, and provide the kind of installations you want.

If you would like to install a Pergola in Sydney, we will design one to your specifications to suit your location and needs; just contact us at Half Price Patios. We are the experts you need when you need any outdoor features, residential or commercial. Call us today (02) 9729 4411 we will revert as soon as possible.