Awnings in Wollongong – A Range of Benefits

Awnings in Wollongong – A Range of Benefits
09/05/2016 Admin

Most homes and commercial establishments now have very large windows on their property. While these let in a lot of natural light and air (when they are left open), they also tend to bring in a significant amount of heat. In turn, this stresses the HVAC system on your property. When you have a patio or deck, you may not always want to enclose the space, but still need some shade there, so as to be able to enjoy sitting out in the yard without being affected by the sun. The one way to counter these issues is to get awnings in Wollongong installed outside these windows.  Take a look at the benefits of doing this:

  • You will automatically find that the indoor temperatures are more comfortable and this adds to the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system too, which reduces your energy bills.
  • Adding  these installations also creates a very comfortable, shaded space in the outdoor areas of your home, that you can relax in, without having  to worry about  light rain or the blazing sun
  • When it comes to awnings in Wollongong for commercial establishments, they are perfect outdoor shading options for those large display windows that most retail outlets tend to have nowadays. Not only do they lend shade to the indoor spaces, but help protect all the displayed items from fading too.
  • Patio cafe areas also become more welcoming with the addition of these awnings.
  • They are available in manual or motorised variants and the latter offer additional convenience- they can be operated either via a switch or remote control.
  • In fact, if you want, these installations can also be outfitted with rain and wind sensors and they will open and retract according to the weather conditions.
  • Awnings are very versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, both residential and commercial
  • Since we use colorbond awnings, these also last without any trouble for a number of years
  • You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colours to add to the aesthetics of your property.
  • You can choose from styles including  Curved Roof, Flats, Gable Roof, Heritage and Gazebo

We at Half Price Patios can provide you the type of awnings in Wollongong you need. When you choose to get these installed from us, you are assured of high grade materials and the best workmanship. You can call us at this number- (02) 9729 4411 or write to us via this enquiry form