What style pergola/awning will suit my home?

Good question. When building a pergola/awning you need to consider the following criteria’s:

  • Where are we positioned in relation to North?
  • Are we height restricted?
  • What styles are available?
  • Functions of this space?
  • When will the new space be used?
  • Do we need council approval?
  • What is the budget?
  • How much value will this add to our home?

Positioning to North

It’s ideal to have your new outdoor area facing North to take advantage of the morning sun although unfortunately this may not always work out if your house is already built and established. Not to worry though because we can always integrate clear, tinted or opaque sheets to get the right amount of light into your living space at exactly the right times of the day. With this luxury we can mix, match, add or eliminate to gain the perfect living environment for your outdoor area.

Height restrictions

You might have a low ceiling height to work with and you may feel a little limited because of this. Fortunately we can offer a few practical solutions to eliminate this hurdle completely. We can raise your pergola above your existing roof using special engineered extending brackets or we can consider changing the style of your roof to a gable or a dome. This will give you the feeling of an open ceiling and will also help getting the light in, this option will open up avenues for ceiling fans, decorative lighting and other stylish finishes. Our sales representatives are always very helpful and shine when it comes to design and modern ideas. All our sales representatives are tradesmen also so they know exactly how to support their designs.

What style to choose?

We have a wide range of styles to choose from and will help guide you in the right direction. We believe every house is unique and therefore we strive in delivering a style that will fit right in with your home.
Some of the designs on offer are:

  • Automated opening rooves
  • Smooth styled insulated panels
  • Structural lined roof
  • In-built al-fresco’s
  • Outdoor terraces
  • Luxury living spaces

To your everyday products:

  • Flat
  • Gabled
  • Flat/gabled
  • Domed
  • Flat/domed

Our sales representatives will go through your options to customize your outdoor area. We will open up all avenues based around your budget to get your outdoor area to an amazing standard. We will give you ideas that will spice up your space and will guide you in the right direction. Ideas like ceiling fans, suspended ceiling heaters, outdoor fireplaces, travertine floor coverings, vertical gardens (as featured on “The Block”), integrated bbq areas and much more.

We make construction drawings to get the style perfect before we start works.

Functions of this space

The first step to take when choosing the right roof to suit you is to determine the functions of your new space to best determine the style of your roof and surrounding aspects. Some of the functions the space may be used for:

  • Entertaining area
  • BBQ area
  • Outdoor extension
  • Sitting area
  • Reflection area
  • Pool retreat
  • Outdoor family room

The trick is to determine the function of your space first and that will help initiate the concept and theme of the space. Building your outdoor space can be lots of fun and can add a great deal of interest to your home. Concepts can range from a green earthy area to very luxurious styled space with fully automated home entertainment with a granite benched island sink and a stainless steel BBQ area.

Our sales representatives are really creative and love sharing their design ideas. They will cover the list from concept to construction. They really know how to express your many ideas in the outdoor area. You will absolutely love working with them.

When will the new space be used?

A good way to determine the best design is to govern the times and seasons the area will be used the most. If it’s an all year round area then we can go with an insulated roofing material which will provide about a 50% heat reduction in the summer and will retain any heating produced during the winter at the same time you will gain that real modern ceiling look so it’s a win win.

If your house is a little lower than your neighbours and you feel privacy may be a concern we can fabricate aluminium louvered or slat privacy screen which will give you that extra touch of elegance while providing great privacy, we can also provide mechanical louvers which can be adjusted to suit your needs. All of our aluminium welded products can be powder coated to any Dulux colour. This gives you the option of blending your screen it in with the rest of the area or using it as a feature by adding a contrasting colour. Keep in mind we also provide metallic colours which can certainly give that extra character to your space.

For a space that will mainly be used in the summer a gable, domed or opening roof will be suitable. A gable or a domed roof due give great circulation due to the extra height provided. You can even go for an open ended gable or dome if you are in a hotter zone which will take advantage of an unrestricted breeze. Adding ceiling fans will assist with circulating and extracting hot air while adding class and contemporary design.

Opening roof offers outstanding circulation with the option to control the breeze circulation, it also give you the ability to gaze at the stars at night or completely seal of in wet weather.

If its a space that will mainly be used in the winter we recommend a flat styled roof or a built in al-fresco area. This will offer a easier area to heat up with ceiling mounted LPG or electric heaters or a contemporary fireplace unit, these warming affects will give the feel of a cosy living area for those rugged up winter nights. These types of designs offer great entertainment areas that will

Do we need council approval?

This is a very broad question and can only be determined by following the requirements of the NSW housing code. You can try to determine by going through this link or you can leave it to our sales representatives to determine when they are giving you a free consultation.
If a development application is required we will take care of that for you so you don’t need to deal with the heart ache of dealing with the authorities. Leave that to us.

What is the budget?

At Half Price Patios we respect your budget and will work within those boundaries to create your space. We love working together with our clients to make sure we don’t let the budget go out of hand. We know the best paths to take in all aspects of home improvements and residential construction so we know how to achieve your goals with your budget. We are upfront and straight forward, so you can count on us to take care of you on the price. We are called “Half Price patios” because we aim for the highest standard of finish at half the retail price.

How much value will this add to our home?

The aim of the game is to add value to your home without overcapitalising. Soft and small touches add great face value to the buyer at a very small price. Simple items like silverware, vertical gardens and modern lighting can really change the whole aspect of the space.

We can offer great ideas if you are adding the space to add value to your home. We have loads of material that will help in selling the property at the higher end of the market. Leave it to us and we will show you all the tricks.

Learn more about what Half Price Patios has to offer!

Half Price Patios offer a range of services for home improvements and residential construction. We specialize in the supply or install of pergolas, decks and welded products. We offer measuring as part of our free quotation service and will see our projects right through till the end. Below is the whole range of products we have to offer:

Patio products:

Skillion roof pergola
Modern pergola
Modern design patios
Modern decks
Aluminum timber decks
Aluminum timber pergolas
Composite decks
Flat roof
Gabled roof
Flat & gabled
Domed roof
Flat & domed
Automated opening rooves
Insulated panels
Insulated roof
Structural lined roof
In-built al-fresco’s
Outdoor terraces
Luxury living spaces
Screen enclosures
Glass enclosures
Flat pergolas
Gabled pergolas
Polycarbonate roofing
Palram Suntuf sheeting
Palram Sunlite twinwall sheeting

Welded products:

Aluminium slats
Aluminium louvers
Aluminium slat gates
Aluminium louver gates
Aluminium adjustable louvers
Aluminium mechanical louvers
Aluminium slat privacy screens
Aluminium louver privacy screens
Aluminium screens
Aluminium infill panels
Steel infill panels
Powder coated steel products
Automated gates
Electric gates
Remote operated gates
Side gates
Front gates
Sliding gates
Slat gates
Louvered gates
Aluminium handrails
Steel handrails
Brick in-fills
Horizontal slats
Vertical slats
Galvanised handrails
Powder coated Handrails
Framed glass handrails
Semi-framed glass handrails
Frameless glass handrails
Semi frames pool fencing
Frameless pool fencing
Pool fencing
Custom awnings
Structural steel fabrications