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Half Price Patios Partner Opportunity

Who is Half Price Patios?

Half Price Patios is a well established patios company that prides in its work and only uses qualified, licensed tradesmen. Half Price Patios is the market leader and sets the standards in the Patios market. Half Price Patios is a patio company that is based in Wetherill Park, offering a complete showroom to display decks, patios and pergolas along with a wide range of Colorbond and polycarbonate products.

Why Half Price Patios?

Half Price Patios is Australia’s leading supply and install patio company. We offer more than the regular patio company; we offer our customers innovative design ideas, responsive service and immediate action. Half Price Patios is a systematic building company that has all the essential procedures in place, entailing customer consultations, drafting services, frequent product and installation training, progress payment structures and contracts, our Patio Partners are ahead of the rest, leaving our customers satisfied and directed.

What is a Half Price Patios Partner?

A Half Price Patios partner means you will literally become one of our partners, Half Price Patios does not believe in simply hiring contractors to do the job like other patio companies are doing as this can result in an unfinished job and/or an unsatisfied customer.

We pride in our work and wish to satisfy all of our customers, we believe our representatives need to be partners to produce the best result and workmanship. A Half Price Patios partner gets to run their own business, taking all the advantage of working under the umbrella of a large systematic market leading company. With a partnership comes responsibility and the financial rewards of running your own business.

As a partner of Half Price Patios, you will have access to the following:

The largest market share in the home improvement sector
Quality materials at large company prices
Head office support and accounting
A proven business model with all the legal procedures to protect your business
Frequent sales and product training
Constant job leads
Online pricing tool app
Online ordering
Professional drafting and engineering service

How do I become a Half Price Patios Partner?

Here at Half Price Patios we offer partner opportunities to only the right types of people, to become a Half Price Patios partner you will need to have the following qualities:

Have leadership skills
Be hard working
Enjoy meeting new customers
Be friendly
Be responsive and responsible
Welcome the training of all new building products
Be committed and ready to give it 100%

If you obtain these qualities and are ready to make the leap of becoming a partner in an already established successful company then we will be happy to hear from you. To find out more about this limited opportunity please fill in your details below:


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