Insulated pergolas

Insulated pergolas

What is an insulated pergola?

An insulated pergola is similar to a standard colorbond pergola as it requires a metal frame and steel coloumns, although the different is mainly in the sheet.

An insulated pergola consists of multiple layers of material adhered (or laminated) together with a type of adhesive. The layers consist of:

  • A colorbond roof sheet
  • A foam block
  • A  steel underlining

Insulates pergolas come in a variety of finishes at every layer, the colorbond roof sheet profile can be selected, the foam block can be thickened for better insulation and the steel underlining can be changed in profile, texture and colour.

What is the benefit of an insulated pergola?

  1. Long spanning capabilities
  2. Insulation value
  3. Aesthetic appearance (on the underside)
  4. Ability to install downlights
  5.  Outstanding trafficability properties

Long spanning capabilities

A standard colorbond pergola can achieve a maximum span of roughly 4m maximum between supports depending on the selected profile. Whereas an insulated pergola has the capability to span up to 8m with the thickest foam section available.

Insulation values

Due the the inherent insulative properties of styrofoam, insulated panel roofs perform very well in the Australian heat. Depending on the section thickness, insulated roof sheets can achieve up to an R5.0 insulation value. Which is pretty impressive to any builder.

Aesthetic appearance

Insulated pergolas are know for looking amazing. Mimicking the appearance of an internal plasterboard ceiling but in a durable powdercoated metal lining. Insulated panels are seamless and an excellent pergola home improvement.

Ability to install downlights

One cool feature is that most standard downlights can fit into most insulated section sizes. No other colorbond pergola can achieve this as they are a single skin product. This is one of the biggest advantages to an insulated roof pergola.

Outstanding trafficability properties

Due to the high strength and spanning capabilities of an insulated patio cover, one of the biggest perks is that it is trafficable for human loads. WHich means you can have an electrician or any tradesperson on your roof without the risk of damage to the pergola or a collapse.

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